Suits You Sir!

Posted by admin on 4 March, 2016

In preparation for the hectic competition season, Childéric Saddles UK have not only been checking and fitting saddles, but ever eager to push forward with innovation, the company have just invested in compression suits for five of their brand ambassadors' steeds.

Compression garments have been found to be hugely beneficial to human athletes and these equine versions are innovative-engineered garments, using revolutionary technologies to construct the suits. Scientifically engineered fabric is cut (into panels) in specific ways, and then the strategically placed panels are sewn together to focus on certain muscle groups. This process enhances blood flow and oxygen availability to the horse's muscles and speeds up the removal of waste products (e.g. lactic acids and carbon dioxide) for vital blood supplies. Good healthy blood supplies recover injuries faster, help prevent injuries by maintaining muscle temperature and reduces muscle fatigue by flushing out bad blood helping to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Designed to be worn during travelling, ridden training and post exercise, the suits are made from a breathable moisture management fabric, which allows them to be worn comfortably throughout the year.


The compression suits made by Australian brand Hidez will feature the company's branding and as part of their on-going relationship with Chiropractor Dr.Mark Blokland, two of the suits will also feature his company branding. The riders receiving the special suits are Para dressage rider Heather Bennett, dressage riders Fiona Bigwood & Becky Moody. Show jumper Anthony Condon and eventers Gemma Tattersall, Jonty Evans & Austin O'Conner. Mark Blokland is now the official Hidez distributer in the UK.