Senior Champions

Below are some of our senior brand champion riders.

  • James Oakden

    James Oakden

    ' Having had a variety of close contact jump saddles, my new Childéric provides by far the most balanced jumping platform. I am delighted with it.'

  • Elli Darling

    Elli Darling

    The reasons why I would never have anything but my Childeric.... I can actually ride changes without swinging my legs like an idiot. I don't get back pain anymore when riding. It fits like a glove. Omg my horse can really move! It's just so beautiful..... Photo: White Cat Photography

  • Olivia Oakeley

    Olivia Oakeley

    'Childeric saddles are beautiful, put you, as a rider, in a fantastic balance, allowing for your horse to move freely underneath you, resulting in a look of complete elegance and harmony. I absolutely love my saddle.. And so do my horses!'

  • Wills Oakden

    Wills Oakden

    "I am very lucky to be sponsored by Childéric. Their saddles offer supreme comfort for both horse and rider allowing me to ride effectively and the horses to move freely. Tricia's customer service is second to none; I am grateful for her care and attention to detail."

  • Holly Watson

    Holly Watson

    Through riding in a Childéric saddle, I have been able to access my horses true potential. This is because the saddle provides me with an amazing close contact. It allows me to have a much greater feel for the horse underneath me. I only wish I'd of got one earlier!