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Posted by admin on 24 January, 2019

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Getting Social 

In our new blog series, we get up close and personal with Tricia Bracegirdle, the driving force behind Childéric Saddles to share Tricia's thoughts and views.

In our first blog for 2019, Tricia reflects on the power of social media for the good and bad...

“That the world would stop using social media to be bitchy, mean and cruel, and instead use it to be entertaining, kind, supportive and where needed CONSTRUCTIVELY critical...... "

A powerful Christmas wish from Becky Moody, International Dressage Rider and Childéric Saddles UK Ambassador, And I have to agree! 

There’s always two sides to every story and businesses tend not to put their own side on the social media, they just have to take the comments and criticisms. Its heartbreaking seeing someone’s business/product being slated – in all aspects of our very public world –I truly believe that no one really gets up in the morning to be unfair, genuine mistakes are made but its how a business makes amends that’s important. Look in the mirror and be honest with what you see – if you don’t like what you see change yourself – don’t try to change everyone around you – behave as you would like to be treated.

I appreciate that if you use social media to promote your business or, on a personal level, to discuss your life, that there will be comments – positive and negative – but lets be nice about it. It's also important to think about what you put out there – don’t invite negativity.

Over the past year, we have grown as a company both commercially but also regarding our brand awareness and built a wonderful community of supporters on social media. This growth has not come without challenges. As with any customer service, it's about communication, and despite a small team, our passion for delivering fantastic customer service is a priority and any (scarce) issues we always endeavour to sort out as quickly as possible. Ultimately our business is built on customers, so without you (the customer) we wouldn't have a successful and growing business (so thank-you!)

Social media should be a place for discussion and sharing valuable tips and advice. I believe it should be a place where we support each other not an opportunity to victimise and destroy. For example, our wonderful Ambassadors and Brand Champions gave away free lessons on our Facebook Page in a considerable competition we ran at the end of last year. So many equestrians welcomed that particular competition. As well as entries from our current customer base, we had a tremendous amount from riders who didn't ride in our brand, which is just fantastic, showing the real power of social media’s reach and hopefully a reflection on our passion for perfection when it comes to every aspect of our business, which is now getting 'out there'.

Let’s pull together in 2019 and make the web an inviting, educational and positive experience for all.


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