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Becky Moody

Becky Moody is a top international dressage rider who chooses to ride in Childeric Saddles. In this short video we take a peak behind the scenes on the brand's latest photo shoot


Childéric Shoot With Fiona Bigwood

This short video takes us behind the scenes on a recent shoot with photographer Jon Stoud at Fiona Bigwood and Anders Dahl's beautiful yard in the UK. Also featured in the video is Fiona's dressage super star Tilly and equestrian artist and aspiring amputee dressage rider Caroline Smail whose lesson we covered and her stunning watercolour painting of Tilly (Atterupgaards Orthilia) and Fiona competing at Windsor, which she gifted to Fiona as a thank-you for her lesson

'Why I Ride In Childéric'


Caroline Smail

Amputee dressage rider Caroline Smail explains how Childéric Saddles have helped her and her horse in this short video testimonial.

Fiona Bigwood

Top international dressage rider Fiona Bigwood explains why she chooses to ride in Childéric Saddles


Becky Moody

A short video testimonial from international dressage rider Becky Moody on why she chooses to ride in Childéric Saddles.
Childéric Saddles offer a complete bespoke experience for both horse and rider

International Dressage Rider Becky Moody's Top Competition Tips

Courtesy of Childéric Saddles UK, MirrorMePR caught up with top international dressage rider Becky Moody fresh from her winning performances at The Winter #BritishDressage #championships to glean some top tips for a winning competition performance


Want to know what makes for a winning performance in the arena? Courtesy of Childéric Saddles, we ask top dressage rider Becky Moody for her advice on training at home..



Senior Saddle Technician, Tricia Bracegirdle from Childéric Saddles UK, talks us through the various different seats available and their differences.

Senior saddle technician for Childéric Saddles UK Tricia Bracegirdle talks viewers through fitting an event saddle, using one of Gemma Tattersall's event horses.


Fitting A Breastplate With Childéric Senior Saddle Technician Tricia Bracegirdle. Tricia talks viewers through the correct fitting of a breastplate and how if fitted incorrectly, it can affect the fit of even a well fitting saddle. Featuring the new Childéric UK Bracegirdle

Tricia Bracegirdle from Childéric Saddles UK talks viewers through the differences of a Warmblood panel and TB panel on a saddle.


In this video, Senior Saddle Technician, Tricia Bracegirdle talks girths and how their collection of girths encompass a variety of different designs to support your horse's needs.

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