Freedom to jump in stye!

Posted by admin on 1 September, 2016

French bespoke saddlery brand Childéric Saddles have just launched a special promotion across their double flap jump saddles, which will have you jumping for joy!

The 'Jump With Style' promotion embraces their double flap jump saddle collection and includes bespoke fit for rider and horse and their signature logo beautifully positioned on the saddle flap in a colour of your choice for just £2,720 (Normal RRP: £3,900) The saddles incorporate Childéric's unique tree technology, which allows the horse greater freedom of movement, thanks to it's anatomically shaped panels and carefully positioned points. The further set back points coupled with the tree work together to allow the horse to move through it's shoulder to ensure that the horse's stride is never compromised in-between or over jumps.

Because the saddles are fitted to both the horse and rider and incorporate Childéric's 'Perfect Balance Philosophy' the rider is always in perfect balance and placed in the middle of the horse. This allows the rider the luxury of being able to adopt a variety of positions with ease: From speed on the flat in a forward seat through to a secure position on landing after fences. Additional bespoke options can also be added with a variety of different girth strap positions, refined flap and panel shapes without pressure points, range of knee block options, seat depths, sizes and leather covering at additional cost.

Available in seat sizes 16 -19".
Tree Widths: Medium & Wide +.
Colours: Black, Master & Irish. Leathers: Grain, Calf, Or Buffalo.
RRP: Prices start at £2,720.00.
Promotion ends: 31st December 2016.

Fans of the brand include show jumpers Andy Austin, Rob Bevis, Anthony Condon and Trevor Nicholson.

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