Girths Galore!

Posted by admin on 29 April, 2016

Seasonal changes dictated to by the weather or passage of time can not only mean changes to size and shape, but also to your horse's changing needs!

Fortunately the Childéric Saddles UK girth collection have introduced a number of new styles to their jump and dressage range, all of which embrace their saddle design philosophy: That freedom of movement and comfort should never be compromised in the quest for style.

The Childéric Saddles Girth Collection offers a variety of different styles, which all feature triple thick elasticated ends for excellent saddle stability and an ergonomically cut to ensure even distribution of pressure.

The shape of the girths allows for the saddle to sit in the correct position, whilst at the same time avoiding catching the horse around the sensitive area behind the elbow.

As with the main saddlery collection, a bespoke service is also available.

Sizes: 45cm – 85cm
Prices start at £260.00
Colours: Irish, Black and Master  
Image shows: Childéric Short Anatomical Girth 


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