Heather Bennett Olympic Countdown

Posted by admin on 12 July, 2016


I can’t quite believe that is now less than 100 days until the Olympic games in Rio.

It has been another whirlwind month and the hype and tension is definitely beginning to build as the games draw closer.

My month kicked off well with a trip out to Myerscough where Tika was on fine form, I was so pleased with how she went in both tests. I knew the tests had gone well but to come home with two winning rosettes was the icing on the cake and felt great. Tika really is feeling and looking so well at the moment and it is all credit to the fantastic team we have working behind the scenes.

heather_bennett2.jpgSquad training was at Solihull this month, it was the first time I had ridden in my new saddle at squad training and I was looking forward to riding in it for the trainers. It is always so inspiring when you get together and train alongside the other team members, there is such a great team spirit and it really is something very special to be part of, especially as the excitement builds for team selection. We decided to try and take some video diary clips whilst at squad training too, this is a new experience for me but a great way to show everyone a little clip of what goes on behind the scenes.

It has been a very busy month for me off of the horses too, I had to make an exciting trip up to London to be measured up for Team Kit. We have also had several interview requests coming through from magazines and I have even recorded a pod cast via skype. I am quite new to Skype and found getting the IT set up a little tricky ( give me a horse over a computer any day). But it all went well and can be heard a bit later in the month. 

 I had the privilege of going along to talk at the local primary school in their assembly, it was great to share my story with the children and hopefully inspire them to follow their dreams too. I can’t believe how terrifying a hall of children can feel, but I was ok once I got started. 

 At home this month we have been trying to get some maintenance work done, when you have a team of horses it is important to keep the grazing in top condition, we had a great company come in and get the fields looking fantastic for us and I really could not be happier with results, hopefully the summer will arrive soon and the horses will be able to enjoy them.

heather_bennett1.jpgThe month came to close with a weekend away teaching on the Isle of Man, I received such a lovely warm welcome from the Manx Chasers. We were lucky with the weather and the sun shone for us, there really is nothing better than horses and sunshine. I was so pleased to see all the horse and rider combinations showing improvement and enjoying themselves. It is so rewarding and I was thrilled to be asked to go back again very soon.

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