Senior Champions

Below are some of our senior brand champion riders.

  • James Oakden

    James Oakden

    ' Having had a variety of close contact jump saddles, my new Childéric provides by far the most balanced jumping platform. I am delighted with it.'

  • Elli Darling

    Elli Darling

    The reasons why I would never have anything but my Childeric.... I can actually ride changes without swinging my legs like an idiot. I don't get back pain anymore when riding. It fits like a glove. Omg my horse can really move! It's just so beautiful..... Photo: White Cat Photography

  • Olivia Oakeley

    Olivia Oakeley

    'Childeric saddles are beautiful, put you, as a rider, in a fantastic balance, allowing for your horse to move freely underneath you, resulting in a look of complete elegance and harmony. I absolutely love my saddle.. And so do my horses!'

  • Holly Watson

    Holly Watson

    Through riding in a Childéric saddle, I have been able to access my horses true potential. This is because the saddle provides me with an amazing close contact. It allows me to have a much greater feel for the horse underneath me. I only wish I'd of got one earlier!

  • Penny Brooks

    Penny Brooks

    "I love these saddles as they give me instant security when you are sitting on young horses, and they are beautiful to look at."

  • Adam Haugh

    Adam Haugh